Have you tried growing your business with social media?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering using Social Media Marketing(SMM) to grow your business. If you’re an established business, becoming social is a great way to stay current and reach a new demographic of customers.

If you’re a startup or new business, social media marketing is a great way to market your brand affordably as well as reach new customers and build brand awareness.

Finding the right company to work with is one of the most difficult aspects of this entire concept.ย Before you start price shopping, it’s important to understand all the aspects involved so you compare apples to apples and not blindly waste your marketing budget.

My name is Priscilla and I founded My Business Fairy after learning and applying social media marketing concepts, including branding, building an audience, content creation, and selling services through social platforms. After learning the value of Contemporary Marketing and my deep desire to help small businesses, I shifted from organizational consulting to growing businesses into brands and helping them market on these platforms.

Please click hereย Social Media Marketing Differentiations to learn the components of SMM services so that you can hire the right help or implement it yourself should you choose that route.





Who Is My Business Fairy?

Myย Business Fairy began operating under the name My Office Fairy in 2016. My Office Fairy focused on helping businesses with efficiency and organization within day to day administrative activities. In 2019 we began incorporating social media marketing as a service to our existing clients and have been able to establish a positive online and local community presence for our clients. In 2020, our team realized that marketing was the most important focus for helping businesses grow, so we decided to shift our attention on organizing our clients’ marketing strategy first, then organizing everything else. This change led to our updated Brand Name My Business Fairy because we help the overall growth of a business rather than just the office functions.

Our Mission Makes Us Different

My Business Fairy helps businesses grow revenue by developing and implementing contemporary marketing strategies through the use of Purposeful Social Media Engagement and Branding. We help businesses establish a positive presence within their communities and target markets which results in optimal brand awareness and lead generation. We help grow your business and minimize your stress so you can focus on servicing your clients and improving other aspects of your business.

Our founder Priscilla is an NSBA Leadership Council Member and strongly supports issues that affect small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Ambitious AF Podcast was recently debuted to help motivate and encourage an all-inclusive community of women, men, teenagers, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. Listen to the podcast here.


Priscilla Parra NSBA Leadership Council Member