Grow Your Business By Captivating Your Ideal Client

If you’re a financial coach, wellness coach or own a serviced based business, your approach to marketing has to represent you as the person you are, who your services are meant for, and what value the client will get out of working with you.

The whole purpose of marketing is to tell your brand’s story in a compelling way that attracts your ideal client. Generic, faceless content is no longer attractive since we as a society want to work with people we relate to somehow.

Social media marketing(SMM) is the best way to engage new leads and generate awareness for your brand. Social media allows you the capability to create connections and start conversations in a way that traditional marketing doesn’t. But, this is only true if you use the right strategy.

How do you know which is the right company to work with, there’s so many? Before you start price shopping, it’s important to understand the aspects involved in the social marketing/managing process before you spend, since not all companies will perform all the tasks involved to manage your SM accounts.

My name is Priscilla and I specialize in helping financial and wellness coaches market their business to their ideal clients by creating attractive marketing content and strategizing/managing their social media to optimize their lead generation results.

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Who Is My Business Fairy?

My Business Fairy began operating under the name My Office Fairy in 2016. My Office Fairy focused on helping businesses with efficiency and organization within day to day administrative activities. In 2019 we began incorporating social media marketing as a service to our existing clients. In 2020, our team realized that marketing was the most important focus for helping businesses grow, so we decided to shift our attention to organizing our clients’ marketing strategy first, then organizing everything else. This change led to My Business Fairy because we help the overall growth of a business rather than just the office functions.

Our Mission Makes Us Different

My Business Fairy helps Service Providers, Financial and Wellness Coaches grow revenue by identifying their Ideal Clients in order to develop the right marketing strategy. Through the use of Purposeful Social Media Engagement, Personifying your Branding, Sexy Copywriting and Attractive Content Creation we proudly guarantee successful outcomes for every one of our unique clients. 

Founder Priscilla Parra is an NSBA Leadership Council Member and strongly supports issues that affect small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Priscilla founded the Ambitious AF Podcast in 2020 to help motivate and encourage an all-inclusive community of women, men, teenagers, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. Listen to the podcast here.


Priscilla Parra NSBA Leadership Council Member