Meet The Office Fairy Team

Our team is made up of experienced office consultants, previously having worked as general and dental office managers. They have worked hands on, in every position a front office requires. Being efficient and thorough is essential to running a busy office which is why they will jump right in and offer any help your administrative needs. Whether you need a temporary position filled, improvements in the office, staff training, dental staffing or see the potential for growth, My Office Fairy will assist you. We care about helping you improve your office AND relieving your stress.


Priscilla (founder) has worked in the dental field since 2000. Time tested methods along with contemporary applications has allowed Priscilla to improve the efficiency of the businesses she has worked with. Hands on experience in specialty and general dentistry has exposed her to every aspect of the dental field. Her transferability, has allowed successful business transformations in other fields such as medical, hospitality, event coordinating and construction. Her combined experience gives her a complete understanding of the basic fundamentals to run the administrative aspect of any business. Prioritizing overhead and production as well as marketing know-how is what makes Priscilla a complete asset to the businesses she works with. “It is important to create a personalized plan rather than using the same template over and over for each business. I always work with the business owner to create the outline for the business should be run. I don’t just hand over protocols, as if they were a recipe. A business is not a cookie and should not be treated as though it doesn’t have a personality and unique essence. If the business doesn’t have it’s personality yet, it is important to establish one, based on the owners vision and the clients it is serving. I help the business owner discover it and elaborate on that aspect.”  Her goal is to identify your particular needs and work with you to create the map to improve and address them. With a warm touch she is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Priscilla was born in Los Angeles, California but has called the East Bay, her home since 1995. She enjoys watching football, singing, spending time with her family, friends and her dog. She has been known to go out of her way to help others in any way she can. She is a member of the California Dental Association, American Association of Dental Office Managers and Oceana which supports efforts in protecting the ocean.


Claudia has worked in the dental field over seven years. Prior to dental, she worked as an administrative assistant. She’s received vigorous training from her office managers as well as from business management seminars. Claudia has always striven to complete her tasks on time and always ensured to have them done correctly. Her talent moved her to the management position very quickly. After only a few years in the dental field, she managed various offices, successfully recruiting and training additional staff for her former employers. Claudia works wells with patients and enjoys educating them about treatment and their insurance. She makes it a point to educate her patients and clients so they can make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions or costs. Claudia has also been successful working in various fields including hospitality and education.

Claudia is a Hayward native. She is currently majoring in Business through vocational school. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, loves to travel and exercising at the gym.