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Organized Office

How do you perceive the concept of being organized? Do you consider yourself organized? Do you believe there’s a possibility to be more organized? If you are a busy business owner, you already know it’s a job in itself to stay organized. It’s much easier to let things pile up…

Is my office as efficient as possible?

Do you know the answer to the question – Is my office as efficient as possible? If your answer is yes, have you ever had someone other than yourself or your staff, examine the administration for optimum efficiency? Although we are usually our own worst critics in many aspects of…

How much money is waiting to be retrieved from your insurance claims?

I love following up on insurance claims while being on hold and getting the run-around from the insurance representatives, said no one! This particular task is very time-consuming and it is for this reason, so many practices have a long list of claims sitting around getting too old to retrieve….